Friday, July 31, 2009

Little Rock, Arkansas

July 26
On the way from Oklahoma through Arkansas, the road wiggles around, doing a funny little dance with the Arkansas River, as roads and railroads and rivers often do throughout the country.

In Little Rock, we stay downtown, by the shores of the Arkansas River. In fact, we are on President Clinton avenue. The focus of our very brief stop here -- other than sleep and refueling -- is to visit the Clinton Presidential Library.

This library is much more expansive and sophisticated than either the JFK or the Truman library.In fact, it's more of a complex -- encompassing the library/museum, a park, and the Clinton School of Public Service (University of Arkansas).

Half of the third floor of the museum is host to changing exhibits. The exhibit shown while we are there is "from the Moon to Mars", a NASA exhibit that tells a bit of the story of the space program. Included are amazing photos from the Hubble telescope, illuminated specially to display the incredible pictures of galaxies. There is even a chunk of moon rock on display.

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