Thursday, July 23, 2009

Lost Vegas

July 17-18

Well, we spent two days on the outskirts of Las Vegas, but never quite made it up to The Strip.

Somehow, we can’t seem to motivate ourselves this week to get elbow-to-elbow with big crowds of fortune hunters; or to get bumper-to-bumper with recipients of free casino drinks; or to feed our hard-earned coins into a slot machine. The Fiesta casino-hotel in Henderson is Las Vegas enough for us. We chose this hotel because AAA told us that it was a decent place – and with a price tag of $21 for the night, we felt that we’d hit a jackpot of sorts.

So, we are using our time in Henderson instead to take care of little details: get the car an oil change, pay bills, etc. We try to find Sharman, the artisan who created the beautiful beaded capelets that you may have seen me wear from time to time through the years. I purchased my first Sharman capelet in Utah six years ago, but never got to meet its maker. But now, alas, we are disappointed: when we arrive at her shop address, we find only an empty storefront, with the sign taken down. We fear that this is more evidence of these tough economic times.

But as it turns out, Sharman has closed her store but remains in business at So at least I get to meet her online, in a brief and friendly exchange.

The highlight of our Henderson stay is a rare opportunity for us to visit with the Troys (parents of our daughter-in-law, Sharon). They greet us warmly, and we enjoy a delightful evening together. As an added bonus, we arrive in time to celebrate Buster’s second birthday, a very big deal in the Troy house (Buster being the energetic family pup).

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