Monday, July 27, 2009

Wichita Falls, Texas

July 22-24

We arrived in Wichita Falls, Texas last evening. As always, it is wonderful to be with our good friend John once again. John was an Air Force buddy of Garry's in Cheyenne in the period 1967-1970. In fact, John was the first person whom Garry met when he arrived in Cheyenne as a young airman. Then, in 1975, I got to become friends with John myself when he came to Fort Belvoir for six months to attend Garry's Advanced Geodetic Survey Class in the Defense Mapping School DMS). From 1979 to 1983, John returned to DMS to be a teacher there himself. At that time, we were starting our family, and "Uncle John" became a member of the family. How sad we all were when he was transferred out of the area, to Barksdale, Louisiana.

So it is that we decide to extend our visit in Texas to three days, to capture the moment and recapture fond memories.

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